Bring Your life into Balance

Life is about balance


Without a spiritual practice, we are neglecting the very core of our being. Developing a stronger connection with our faith will fuel our lives with passion and purpose.


Mental and emotional health have an affect on everything in our physical bodies. Therefore, addressing our emotions and mindsets are key to rebuilding a life of peace & joy.


Everyone has a unique DNA blueprint that requires a specific strategy for fueling and nurturing your physical body. Your body is worth understanding - you want to know what's helping and what's harming.

"You should feel strong and powerful when it comes to your own well-being..."


We live in a demanding world, but you do not have to remain powerless. If your life feels out of control - Now is time to bring things into balance.


You need a custom nutrition strategy that fits YOU & your unique DNA makeup. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Nutrition is meant to nourish you to feel clear, energized & strong.


I accelerate my clients journey, guiding them forward in the direction best suited. Your time is valuable, and you are worth investing in yourself. Don't waste time trying to figure it all out on your own.

"So you're tired of being sick and tired...."

I get it! After years of struggling with fatigue, brain fog, chronic stress and prematurely aging… I finally discovered the keys to experiencing true health & vitality.

You're not too old

It doesn’t matter what age you are, 35 or 65, health belongs to you! Our bodies are designed to adapt and grow, whatever you may be feeling – I want to give you the keys to bringing your body back into balance.

You are not powerless

Our world would love to convince you that you must stay stuck – and live your life as a victim of circumstances. But nothing could be further form the truth – you have innate power and ability to take control of the forces and experience health & healing.

You are worth it

We were not given this life to just “survive” – we were created to THRIVE! We often pour our time, energy and money into others… but how often do we truly invest that same love and care into ourselves? You can only give out what you are putting into yourself.

"You can enjoy life just like my clients..."

- Jean D.
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“Lori Nolan from Balanced Life has helped me tremendously. I’ve had food issues for as long as I can remember. I’ve also struggled with body image and over exercising. These issues come with feelings of guilt and “not enough” that trickle into all areas of my life. Lori is helping me work through these issues. She is so knowledgeable, easy to talk to and very kind. Lori never pushes me but will make suggestions in a loving way. And she always makes me feel good about myself. I’m so grateful to have Lori in my life!"
- Carole L.
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"While working with Lori, I achieved my goal to lose weight and reduce the pain I was experiencing that was holding me back from doing the activities I desired. I gained hope that I could maintain the plan we developed together because weight watchers had failed me in the past. The most significant overall thing I learned was that my total well-being is affected by other factors in my life, like my job and relationships."
- Jodi S.
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"Lori Nolan is an amazing health coach and an amazing person also - She analyzes all aspects of your life and is keenly aware of what aspect to focus on. Her goal is to help you become a healthier and happier person. I have made healthier choices which have impacted me positively and led me down a new path of discovery. I'm finally becoming a happier person overall. Give Lori a chance to help you become the person you are meant to be."


The balanced life method

1. Fill out and application

Let's evaluate where you're at in the different areas of life. Most people have no idea what balance even looks like - they just know they don't feel good & life's not working the way they want it to. So let's evaluate 7 different areas of your life, see what's missing and what needs to be included in your game plane.

2. Free consultation

Let's see if we're a good match. Based on your application, we will sit down together and evaluate those areas that I can help you bring into balance. With that, I will create a custom blueprint for navigating your health journey.

3. Your transformation journey

Using your custom blueprint, we will meet together over the next few months. I will coach you to overcome the challenges you're facing and reclaim your power & peace of mind. You will step into your most beautiful, strong & empowered self as you bring your life back into balance

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